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just left a plate sitting on my chest. geoff: like a fleshy bull's-eye. craig: that is a name i used once in my life. geoff: i remember that and i paid a lot of good money to see you. [laughter] craig: well, there goes your minute. [applause] captioned by the national captioning institute captions ]. [ stand by for captions ]. [ stand by for captions ]. cause just as soon as that fire is 100% out. garrett? >>> as you already know it was blazing hot out there today. tonight it is still miserable, especially if you do not have air-conditioner. and guess what? tomorrow another scorch relumes. it is still 92 degrees. can you believe that? it's ridiculously hot. anny, what is going on here. >> you can feel the humidity in the air still, derrick. when you factor in the humidity, it feels like we're still in the mid-90s right now. it feels like 97 degrees in downtown, loseburg 90, annapolis also 92, pax river in the lower 90s, and the dew point, are, 6 0s and 70s. that's as bad as we see it around here. here's a look at our dew point comfort index where you can see the 70
. >> the crash happened near davis airport in maryland. >> gary in your joins us live from the scene. >> reporter: the crash site is 40 miles into the woods behind me near the end of the runway at davis airport. it was a 1964 beechcraft model a-23. >> it had recently been inspected and found to be in good operating condition. >> reporter: the plane carried an experienced pilot and an experienced flight instructor. >> i assisted the gentleman in feeling the aircraft up with fuel. >> reporter: a helicopter instructor was behind them on the runway as they did the takeoffs and landings required to keep a pilot current. on the final attempt. >> he got airborne but didn't fly high or fast. it didn't appear he was high enough to clear the trees. >> it lost power through the noise that it made. >> we saw him take a right turn and stall the aircraft and spin to the ground. >> reporter: there was hope. >> and i ran away from the helicopter into the bushes to try to go find the airplane. >> reporter: the plane crashed into a thickly wooded area. >> i had a lot of difficulty getting even into the plane to be
. most of those stay to the north and west of us, in the baltimore area, and things are actually pretty quiet for this evening. your wake-up weather tomorrow oh, yeah be prepared for another scorcher, 7:00, temperatures only cooling down into the 70s by 9. we are already in the 80s. it will feel like 90s when you factor in the humidity. i'll talk about how long this heat lasts. it gets worse before it gets better. back to you. >> thank you, anny. >>> well a two-year-old child beaten to death. her accused killer, a 12-year- old living under the same roof. it happened on tuesday. prince george's county police made the announcement today. kim molostino is live tonight at headquarters. investigators are just trying to make sense of it. ken? >> reporter: absolutely tragic information we learned. the name of this two-year-old victim is ania batchor. the name of her foster brother is not being released because of his age. a family home turned murder scene. it was inside a house here in the 1800 block of taylor avenue on wednesday that frantic 911 call went out to ania batchor. >> the father p
no heartbeat and mom had no pulse. >> you could tell she was going to be the greatest mother of all. and for us, she was this angel. >> reporter: schennay taught 2nd grade at river school in northwest washington. by all accounts an exceptional teacher for the hearing impaired. on the school's website and front there is a tribute to the beloved teacher. >> i brought my son in to see matt and to see jill and i just wanted -- in our own way -- to tell jill that we loved her. >> reporter: the school set up a tribute page and parents are writing in. one potomac family writes, jill loved our son thomas and he loved her. we don't know how to tell him she's gone. it is going to tear up his heart. she was a magical teacher. most of jill's family is in roanoke, virginia, where she will be laid to rest on monday. i'm surae chinn for 9 news now. >> a armed robbery has ended with the murder of a jewelry store employee. the victim 52-year-old herndon, virginia man failed to return home from his shift and his family notified arlington police. officers discovered the victim inside the jewelry store located in
. >> matt jablow is live with the story. he joins us with more on what happened. matt. >> reporter: anita, it's one of the strangest stories we've heard in a very long time. the mother of orioles hall of famer cal ripken kidnapped right in front of her house and driven all over central maryland for one full day. on a typical day at the end of july, the biggest news in aberdeen, maryland comes out of maryland. but today the focus in aberdeen was not on a house that cal built but on a house where he was raised. according to police, cal's mother violet was kidnapped early tuesday morning where she was walking to the garage. >> at this time we don't know what, if any, relationship there was between the perpetrator of this crime and ripken's family. >> reporter: aberdeen police say the lone gunman tied up her wrists with duct tape, but her in the back seat of her car and then drove her around maryland for 24 hours. >> we know of no ransom. >> reporter: they weren't aware that mrs. ripken was even missing until a witness called 911 tuesday night after seeing a woman tied up in the back of a 199
people wanting to use metro and that's a bad thing. >> reporter: one council member is also a metro board member. >> we're going to get it to the bottom of it. we're all very frustrated. >> reporter: metro says there was no power outage, and the system which indicates the proper distance between trains remained operational but metro still doesn't know why this happened so the transit authority said they will have extra staff at key locations during the morning commute to respond quickly if this happens again. sur arks chen, 9news now. >> metro declined our request for a live interview but a spokesperson said there had been no system shutdowns today. >>> when did d.c. mayor vincent gray first hear that a shadow campaign was needed and funded to help him win over fenty? the january 10th meeting this year with a campaign fund- raiser, now convicted felon, in the spotlight. jeannie clark harris is awaiting sentencing after admitting her role in the shadow campaign that poured nearly $654,000 into the vincent gray effort. sources confirm the money came from wealthy businessman jeff thompson. b
of that and joins us now what it was all like. >>> reporter: leslie, come on. it's the fourth of july. the most famous fireworks in the whole country right here at the washington monument. if you are all i seen that before, you are a long way from the people who longed to be here. longed to be here, like the family of pakistan native who became a citizen in 1992. >> we came all the way from los angeles. so we came to see the fireworks. we are love so much so we decided we need to go there to washington and see the fireworks. >> it was hot in the 90s and if you think those fans made a difference. >> not really. i mean i barely used it. i have been sweating a lot. >> eric parker brought his daughters here from southeast of family tradition. >> i have been here when i was a kid. i wanted them to experience what i experienced being a kid and seeing the fireworks. >> if you are visiting d.c. you want to remember this moment. >> it's a great day. july fourth. very excited to be here. it's just a lot of fun. >>> especially a finale like this. to quote the crowd, wow. i mean, come on, the fourth in d.c
victims are women. matt jablow joins us more -- joins us live with more details. >> reporter: people are on edge along the u street corridor. having witnessed the rebirth of the corridor, john sheffield said he's extremely troubled to hear that two women were shot last night near 12th and u. >> it's kind of scary. >> reporter: both women, according to council men jim graham, completely innocent victims. >> they're unrelated, they're not friends, they didn't know each other, so is it looks as though the target was somewhere else and this was pretty random. >> something's got to be done. >> reporter: last night's shooting was the second in the past week alone. around 2:30 last saturday morning two other women were shot, both in the leg, after two groups of men opened fire. so far police have arrested three men in connection with that shooting. all of this is very troubling, no question about it. the neighborhood is very upset. >> reporter: it certainly. people we spoke with said the recent violence is not only upsetting but extremely frightening. >> of course it is, especially that wom
of us saw some thunderstorms go through. some of those were severe but most in the pennsylvania area. tomorrow, though, i think we'll see more scattered showers and thunderstorms. got a cold front coming through coming from the north dipping south to us that could trigger some severe weather. we are under a risk for some strong thunderstorms tomorrow and severe. main thrust being damaging winds and hail with a slight risk for the entire d.c. metro area. overnight, fairly quiet but still warm. partly cloudy and muggy. only a slight chance for a shower or thunderstorm. lows will be 75 to 80 degrees. winds will be light. we'll talk more about the storms for tomorrow and the timing of it a little bit later. back to you, matt. >> anny, we will see you in a bit. right now there are still customers in the area without power, though not all the existing outages are related to last week's storm. pepco is reporting 100 customers in the dark. bge has 200 customers out in montgomery and prince george's counties and dominion power has 525 customers without power in northern virginia. you would th
are telling us the attacker was wearing something green. if you have any information about what happened in this case, please call montgomery county police. >>> get ready to spend more for what you buy online. hurting for revenues in a struggling recovery, state governments are urging congress to make it easier for them to collect sales taxes on anything bought online and shipped into a state. as gary nurenberg reports, congress is listening. gary? >> reporter: this is not just the state, the so-called brick and mortar stores say it's been unfair to them. they have to collect the tax and lose sales to online competitors who can offer the product for a lower bottom line because the online competitors don't have to impose the tax. in the early 1990's, the supreme court said essentially if you don't have a physical presence in the state, you don't have to collect sales tax for that state. >> all we're asking for is for the government to close this loophole, level the playing field and let everybody compete on price in a free market. >> reporter: state governments say they need the money. >
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mayor gray. $650,000. >> can you tell us why you did it. >> no comment. thanks. >> reporter: 75-year-old eugene harris admitn federal court the role in what prosecutors call a shadow campaign to elect vincent gray mayor in 2010. >> today's plea confirms the sad truth that many of us have long feared. the 2010 mayoral election was corrupted by a massive infusion of cash that was illegally concealed from the voters of the district. >> reporter: prosecutors say harris, a long time employee, arranged to have contributions to the gray campaign illegally reimbursed by a campaign man. >> she also purchased more than $100,000 worth of campaign material that were identical to the official campaign materials. these materials were purchased from the same vendors as the official campaign materials that were delivered to the official campaign headquarters. >> reporter: how could candidate gray not know? mayor gray did not respond to a 9news request for an interview. >> it just didn't start in 2010. >> reporter: the scheme goes back to dwun 2001 and involved illegal help for campaigns to federal o
to come up with clever ways to stay cool. ken molestina joins us live at georgetown waterfront where keeping cool is the name of the game tonight. ken? >> reporter: you know, matt, it's not getting any cooler. i checked my temperature on the smart phone a couple of minutes ago. it's 95 degrees out here and it's 11:00 at night. over all the area people are having to deal with this record breaking heat. the sun has been gone for hours but the temperatures here near the georgetown waterfront are still unbearable, and everyone knows it. >> 100 degrees. >> reporter: so for these kids and even some adults, the only way to stay cool was a soaking in the fountain. >> but at least today is very hot. >> reporter: earlier in the day, people throughout the national mall who showed up to the folk life festival dealt with the brunt of the heat. many spent the day cooling off in misting stations, the heat enough to make visitors to washington cringe. >> it seems we are melting or something. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: and just when you thought things couldn't get any hotter, the smithsonian community mus
and killed by two vehicles. one of those vehicles has left the scene. ken, what can you tell us? >> reporter: bruce, police finally wrapped up their investigation, at least on this part of the road. they have cleared it for now, but police say that woman was crossing the street, not on a crosswalk, when she was struck. they said she was crossing this very busy portion of university boulevard at riggs road when she was hit by those two cars. here's what police say happened. they tell us the tow truck driver was coming out of the pep boys auto store parking lot and struck her. the woman then fell to the ground and was then run over by a second car traveling down university boulevard. the tow truck driver stopped and waited for police, but the other car, described as a four-door older model toyota, fled the scene. police say paramedics rushed the woman to a nearby hospital where she was later pronounced dead. witnesses on the scene described what they saw. >> i was in shock and i was, like, i was, like, didn't even know what was going through my mind. i was kind of scared for a second. then whe
, vienna, and mariesville. you must boil your tap water for one minute or used bottled water for drinking and cooking. if you don't, you could get sick. montgomery and prince georges county, mandatory water restrictions remain in effect. this means no outside water use. such as watering lawns or washing cars and keep showers short and limit flushing toilets. temperatures expected to climb into the 90s tomorrow, but should we expect more storms in let's go to topper shutt. >> there's a chance for thunderstorms tonight, even tonight we could see an isolated storm. most of the activity is south of us. some areas pretty comfortable. downtown, not so much. you get that heat island effect. it's still in the 80s downtown. after a high of 96, it's 86. the 96 was an improvement of 104 on friday. we're going in the right direction. 81 at andrews. 79 in manassas and upper 70s in leesburg. actually sounds comfortable. 79 in winchester. you jump the divide, 72 in oakland. that really sounds comfortable. now the radar, there's a couple showers back in ohio. remember, that's where the complex of thunde
, the power is coming back to many of you watching us tonight. but pepco or is pepco doing everything it can to get the juice flowing? we'll get to that in a moment. first, though, the latest power outage numbers. pepco is reporting about 12,000 outages in dc. 68,000 in mopt county and 111 -- montgomery county and 11,000 in prince george's. bge reporting 53,000 in montgomery county and 10,500 in prince george's county. dominion virginia power is reporting 47,000 people without power in northern virginia and smeco is reporting 1900 outages in prince george's county. in a press release issued by pepco earlier today, the utility says it's mobilized some 3,000 people to help get the lights back on. 1830 are field restoration crews. 7 hub power line personnel from out of state, 450 tree trimming personnel, 400 overheadline contractors, 122 internal line crew members. and 160 internal underground and sub station personnel. now, in that release, only 15% of those 1830 are identified as actual pepco employees. well, last night on 9 news, i spoke with the ibew union leader about a shortage of pepco l
and reduced speed op i-95. this comes to us from harford county, maryland. that's about 50 miles from town. and this was the scene a bit closer to home in frederick county. more heavy rain and dangerous driving. >> now, much of this evening's severe weather has moved out of our area but we're still tracking some storms. anny hong joins us from the weather center. >> you mentioned harford county. in fact, we do have a couple of flash flood warnings in effect right now. most of these severe thunderstorm watches have been dropped with the exception of anne arundel and prince george's county. that's still until 1:00 tonight. you see those counties highlighted in yellow. live doppler 9000 hd, baltimore and carroll county, a flash flood warning until 2:00 a.m. here around d.c. we still have a couple thunderstorms, right around woodbridge, just basically south and east of manassas we see a couple of these storms moving basically off to the east. and so we could still see a couple of showers and storms headed out toward clinton. here's a look at the radar and lightning. we saw a lot of lightning w
? >> not right now. >> he used to answer questions as he and other executives ducked into an elevator and out of the wilson building. he and the rest of the executives did however, do a lot of talking during the special hearing before district leaders. even then, one d.c. council member says their answers weren't straightforward. >> some of the answers were like pulling teeth. our residents are frustrated. >> councilwoman asked questions regarding underground lines, reliability, and rapid response among other things. there were contradicting numbers being thrown out in regards to the amount of linemen on the job. >> if you notice if i asked him the question several times, we finally got down to the answer. >> she isn't completely satisfied with the outcome of the hearing and pepco is still not in the clear of further action to get them to open up about the response following the storm. >> i really don't know. i really don't know why they wouldn't answer the questions, but if it takes a formal investigation to get the questions, that's something that we can do. >> i spoke with jim griffi
with that. >> reporter: three members called on gray to resign. those declarations coming after the u.s. attorney yesterday described an illegal $650,000 shadow campaign to elect gray mayor in 2010. >> this is not the campaign that we intended to run. >> reporter: the federal investigation into his 2010 mayoral campaign disclosed a widespread pattern of illegal activity in the underground non-official campaign run by 75-year-old eugenia harris. >> whether the mayor knew or not, he is the beneficiary and he should resign. >> reporter: they elected him mayor. she's been charged with no wrongdoing by the u.s. attorney. he has no claimed wrongdoing. >> i think that's coming. i think yesterday's court proceedings certainly telegraph there will be more coming. his campaign engaged in the largest criminal offense. >> reporter: long time gray ally marry chay also said -- mary chay also said gray should quit. >> i found him to be a good man. i can't tell you how sad i am to come to this position, but as a matter of healing the district, i think it's the step we have to take. >> reporter: a gray
>> hello, everybody. i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us. here's the latest from colorado tonight. president barack obama met with the families of those gunned down in the massacre. he told them that he comes to them as a father and a husband. authorities say the suspected gunman, james holmes, is not cooperating. a memorial across the street from the theater is now growing. tonight, hundreds turned out for a vigil to the 12 who died and 58 who were injured. teresa garcia begins our coverage from aurora. ♪ you are the strength of my life ♪ >> reporter: the community of aurora, colorado, came together sunday for a vigil, remembering the victims of friday's shooting massacre. >> our city will be stronger and greater because of our adversity. >> reporter: president obama met privately with grieving families. he spoke to the media afterwards. >> it was an opportunity for families to describe how wonderful their brother or their son or daughter was. >> reporter: sunday's service at colorado community church focused on the massacre, including prayers for the suspected shoote
, i'm bruce johnson, everybody. thanks for joining us. several new developments in the colorado shooting spree tonight. president obama will be flyingto aurora tomorrow. all of the dead have been identified including a 6-year- old girl. a survivor describes in detail from his hospital bed what went on during the attack, and tonight we're learning more about the suspect, james holmes. police say he was packing as many as 6,000 rounds of ammunition. we've got team coverage for you beginning with teresa garcia. >> reporter: bomb crews safely detonated the chemicals and accelerants they say james holmes left for police in his aurora, colorado, apartment. >> this apartment was designed to kill whoever entered it. >> reporter: police say the suspect's front door was fitted with a trip wire. nearby, at least 30 shells described as fireworks the size of softballs. saturday afternoon, a controlled explosion disabled the bomb inside. investigators also collected evidence outside the apartment, including a shipping label from an internet store called they're said to have vide
declined to talk with us live by phone at 6:00. we wanted to ask what if this had happened during the morning or evening rush. he did say metro apologizes for the inconvenience and they are looking for the root cause of this problem. >>> a murder in langley park. tonight, police are asking for help in finding the killer. the victim, an adult male, was discovered in a hallway of an apartment building located in the 1400 block of conaway street. he had been shot to death. police have not released a name or motive. several people were in the area when the shooting occurred. it was a stabbing death in the same area of april of last year. >>> president obama has wrapped up two days of campaigning in virginia. his last stop was the centreville high school just this afternoon. [ cheers & applause ] >> we understood that we had to bring about a change, because we understood that the economy works in this country when it works for everybody, not just for the few. [ cheers & applause ] >> the commonwealth is becoming more critical in the election for both candidates and it's become too clos
to the weather terrace. hi, olga. >> hi. some of us saw showers and some of us saw storms but some of us had nothing. but i think things have calmed down for now but we have typical july weather as we head into sunday afternoon. for right now looking pretty good. satellite and radar clearing out at the present time. the loop over the last hours shows the action moving off the east coast. that will continue to slide on through. we are left with moisture behind, partly cloudy for today and then as we get into the early morning hours we'll start to clear things out. right now we are down to 75 degrees at reagan national airport. still pulling in winds from the south and southeast so the yes, the humidity will stick around into the afternoon and evening hours. we'll keep it hot for the next three days and definitely see possibility of more showers and thunderstorms as we head into the workweek. i'll give you the details in the extended forecast when i return. >> olga, thanks. >> family and friends of a local mountain climber are left with heavy hearts. ben horn of annandale, virginia was hiking
. but government sources tell us that mayor gray did meet with harris this year. the mayor's account goes this way. she has invoices from what is clearly a shadow campaign. an off the books illegal campaign, dollar spent, lots of salaries, yard signs, t-shirts, vehicle rentals, you name it. harris wants the may your to get the invoices on to the books of the officials, vincent gray for mayor campaign. in other words, to cover up the campaign, illegal activity. gray told associates he was surprised and it's the very first time he had gotten wind of the shadow campaign. the amount of those invoices nearly $600,000, according to sources. harris left the mayor's office and gray is telling sources he notified his attorney about the meeting with harris. mayor gray is instructed to get harris to return with the invoices so that the mayor can turn them over to bennett. the fbi retrieved those invoices later. only after and that's this year, only after they rated jeanny's home and the offices of jeffrey thompson. her boss who funded that shadow campaign. anita. >> it sounds like in such large amounts that
will provide more specific restoration times as they become available. >> good evening. if you're watching us tonight, obviously you're lucky enough to have power. >> yep. that's right. but we wanted you to feel what your neighbors are feeling heading into the fourth straight night in the dark. >> this is 9news now. >> yep. another night finds hundreds of thousands of your neighbors going to bed with no lights and no ac. here are the latest power outage numbers. >> at last check, pepco is reporting nearly 173,000 customers are still without power. 98,000 in montgomery county. 41 thou in prince george's. and more than 34,000 in the district. bge says it has more than 1500 customers in the dark in montgomery county. and nearly 17,000 in prince george's county. and dominion power says it was about 108,000 customers without electricity in northern virginia. smetco is reporting just 235 outages. all of those in prince george's county. now, if you don't have power in northern virginia, there is a bit of light at the end of the tunnel. >> dominion power expects to have juice for 80-85% of its custom
and sparking several house fires. >> matt jablow joins us now. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands of d.c. area residents are now living in fear of losing power again. unfortunately that fear is a reality for folks on arcadia place in northwest washington. >> i just now started restock my refrigerator. >> reporter: when jennifer vermillion's house lost electricity today after a huge tree collapsed on power lines in her northwest washington 245eubd she said her only thought was, hear we go again. >> yes, exactly. >> reporter: jennifer and most of her neighbors were in the dark for nearly a week after last month's storm uprooted several trees at least one of which, according to people here, had a hollowed out and badly damaged root system. >> they're beautiful but they take the risk. >> reporter: fortunately only one tree also with a hollowed out root same came down today. even more fortunately, nobody was injured, and only one house was damaged, and only slightly. >> we do usually lose power because we have aboveground lines. >> reporter: still residents here say they're beginning to feel jinxed
get both of us. so i said if he's going to shoot me, let him get me instead of her. >> she is still in the icu in the hospital in critical condition. a bullet went into michael's back and shattered his shoulder blade, but he is now out of the hospital. >>> among all of this is born a little boy. hugo jackson medley delivered today. his mother was not hurt. the newborn child's father was shot and cit wally wounded. -- critically wounded. tonight baby and mom are in the same hospital as the father. >>> the fact that holmes purchased all of his weapons legally is leading to a new argument over gun control on capitol hill, and it got started today with a moment of silence on the house floor honoring the victims of the shooting. and then a new push by democrats by what they call common sense law. this time banning the high capacity gun magazines, but they argue stricter laws will not prevent these tragedies. >> nobody is proposing taking people's guns away. we're talking about magazine clips, limitations, that kind of thing. >> somebody who is that unbalanced will find some way to do har
of the roads that you used on friday, a lot of the roads that you used even this weekend, those traffic patterns may have changed. we are going to talk about the main routes that are going to be problematic tomorrow. first of all, over toward the reservoir hill area, canal road near arizona avenue that is shut down and most likely will be for the next few days. you can imagine as you travel canal road every day, you just know the damage that was done with the trees that are lining the highway. where bruce leshan was, connecticut avenue and university, that is also going to be closed throughout the morning hours. so you want to plan your detour around that area. one thing bruce said is about the single line of cones. there's only so many cones to go around, and state highway true hall been out in force, as well as bge. over to bethesda. a main commuter route into the bethesda area, old georgetown at woodmont, that will also be closed and most likely will be for the next few days. also, lorton road and ox road moving in from the south of virginia, you are also going to find closures. once
. >> another steamer of a day out there today, but most of us stay dry this time around. anny hong is out on the weather terrace. we are hoping that tomorrow morning looks good. >> well, it looks like we can see dry conditions to start out for your saturday morning, derek, and then afternoon we could see a couple areas of scattered showers and thunderstorms. the good news is, we're not under a risk for severe weather. live doppler 9,000hd, we saw showers and storms go south of us, but we didn't see anything go severe. you can see more broad radar, most of the storms are well south of us into richmond. those are on the coast. we're looking at a quiet night. seas are going to be muggy through tonight and through tomorrow. here's your saturday wakeup weather. temperatures are going to be in the 60s and 70s by early tomorrow morning by 6:00 a.m. it will feel mild. by 10:00, it will be around 80 to 85 degrees. i'll let you know what the storm chances for sunday as well when i come back. derek, back to you. >> if you were driving home wisconsin avenue this evening, you may have seen members o
, it was got watching over us. >> reporter: the suspect's family is cooperae ing with police and says their hearts go out to the victims. the shot, grief and sympathy are not just being felt and expressed here in aurora but around the world as well. in fact, the queen of england sent a message to the president and the people of the u.s. that she expresses her sympathy. as for the suspect james holmes, he remains in custody and he is set for his first court date monday morning. live in aurora, colorado, theresa garcia, back to you. >> theresa, thank you. >>> well, the department of defense has confirmed three u.s. military meks, two airman and a -- members, two airman and a sailor are among the injured. another sailor is still unaccounted for. that as police and the media around the country are trying to find out more about the suspected gunman james holmes. andrea mccarren is in aurora, colorado with more on the 24-year-old's background. >> reporter: tonight on this very sad scene, we have new disturbing information about the suspect james holmes. last spring, mass murder suspect jame
in montgomery. and 88 people out in prince georges county. myra joins us right now. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> good. first, why was 90% the best mark pepco set for restoring the power and when will these last few folks get their lights on? >> we actually the numbers that are showing on our screen if you are looking at our app or the website, those numbers actually include new outages. so the numbers from last friday's storm we have 84 customers left out in dc. most of the ones showing on montgomery county are storm related. that's about 2400. and one customer in prince georges county. new additional outages are related to heat related outages that are new within the last few hours. >> that's good information to have. when do you think all the lights will be on? >> we will expect to clear up that last customer this evening. we had hoped to get all of those restored. some are going to stretch into tomorrow just because the extensive damage that our crews are facing. it can take multiple crews hours and hours and get one customer back on. when you get into some of the large tree
. instead, they use citibank mobile check deposit. it's easy. they just snap a pic... ♪ hit send... and their checks are deposited right to their account. well almost all of their checks. stand back. seriously? [ male announcer ] citibank mobile check deposit. easier banking. every step of the way. . >>> a health alert. we'll show you the new obesity pill just approved that some doctors say is the best yet for shedding pounds safely. >>> plus topper is tracking more sweltering weather and a chance for storms tomorrow. >>> but first breaking news, we're on the scene after a 12-ton tree crushes a car. >>> this is 9news now. >>> live pictures from sky9 right now where a freak accident leaves one man dead and onlookers traumatized. >> a massive tree tumbled over ton top of a vehicle struck in track. it happened in great falls. our ken molestina is there. he has the gory details. ken. >> reporter: derek and anita, this happened just yards away from a firehouse out here. this is an unfortunate case of just being at the wrong place at the wrong time. take a look at the tree. it still re
a week ago that the u.s. attorney revealed an illegal shadow campaign for vincent gray. >> the 2010 mayoral election was corrupted by a massive infusion of cash that was illegally concealed from the voters of the district. >> reporter: within a day, political enemies began to line up. >> he is the beneficiary re of the illegal activity. >> reporter: some area church leaders want him to stick to not resigning. >> there is no need to rush to judgment. there is an investigation going on. the city has been through trauma and drama with the resignation of council members. and it's the role of leadership to be sober, reflective, to help unify the city and lead the city in that way and not continue to spiral into the divisiveness that comes about when people do their own political ground scrapping, operate out of their own self interest, and the call for the mayor's resignation is premature. it was personal, political en engrandizement and we need to hold on. >> reporter: gray's office says he will not attend the rally. that rally tomorrow is where gray has offices. >>> new at 11:00 tonigh
. >> now a local man tells us the very same guy is the jewelry store killer that the cops are hunting for. >>> also topper is tracking your weather alert for the week and there may be storms. >> plus, 9 wants you to know about looming budget cuts that could mean massive job losses in your neighborhood. >> as the search continues for the man who robbed and killed an arlington jeweler this weekend, we're learning that that suspect may have robbed a d.c. jewelry store 7 weeks ago. tonight, the victim of that robbery says he is lucky to be alive. >> matt jablow joins us live in downtown washington with details. matt? >> reporter: anita, seven weeks ago, ken stein was staring down the barrel of a gun at a robbery at his d.c. jewelry store. tonight in light of what happened in arlington, stein said it's extremely lucky that he wasn't killed. >> on sunday, i called arlington county. >> reporter: ken stein says he was deeply saddened this weekend by the news online and on television that a jeweler in arlington had been killed during a robbery. >> police are searching for the killer tonight. >> r
to shoot someone he used to work for. that man is in custody tonight. he is 49-year-old of maine. >>> unprecedented, that's pretty much the only way to describe the sanctions that the ncaa handed down to penn state today, for their failure to act in the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. this could have lasting effects for years. they put the school on five years probation, fined it $60 million. they also must vacate all of the football wins it got since 1998, that's 112 wins. the ncaa also banned the football team from playing in any bowl games the next four years and reduced the number of scholarships the team can offer. >>> no price, the ncaa can levy will repair the agree vus damage in-- grievous damage inflicted by jerry sandusky on his victims. however we can make clear that the culture, actions and inactions that allowed them to be victimized will not be tolerated in collegiate athletics. >> the ncaa is allowing any current or incoming player to transfer to another school without penalty. >> the penn state scandal has a lot of americans wondering if big-time college sports
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